Cannabis Sativa L. - the misunderstood plant

Our story is being told through a wide variety of unique, high-quality  hemp products originated from all over the world. Clothes, food and beverages, body care products, cosmetics, accessories and bags, curative and therapeutical products, books and magazines ... all connected in their own unique way to industrial hemp.

Our aim is to de-criminalise the cannabis sativa L. plant, and finally to clear the myths or misunderstandings surrounding it. At the same time, through a high concept  and stylish physical store in the center of Athens, we want to attract the world to open its mind and soul and without distractions or prejudices, to be informed about the benefits of hemp and cannabis. Make a gift to yourself  or to your loved ones , choosing through a wide variety of hemp originated products.Take advantage of this amazing plant ,which has given us so many opportunities throughout the years.

Hemp or industrial cannabis, does not contain  THC ,the psychoactive substance that makes you "high"(<0.2%) and has been used by the people of our planet for at least 10,000 years. Based on archaeological evidence, as early as antiquity, people have been widely using cannabis as archaeologists  have found  in many prehistoric settlements, hemp cloths and hemp fabrics.

According to historical sources, the cannabis plant has been part of the everyday life of many people and many cultures of the earth, as a useful plant, mainly for its fiber and its seeds. It is not at all accidental that there are many historical references of the cannabis plant since ancient times. Indicatively, we mention Diocourides (40-90 AD) and ClaudiosGalenos (2nd century AD), who is considered the second most important Greek antiquity doctor after Hippocrates.

The cannabis plant was cultivated for the first time in Greece around 1875 in Mantineia, and until around 1950, it was officially allowed to grow all over the country. During this time, four factories processing cannabis plants,were operated in Greece, with the Edessa Cannabis Workshop being the most important, a pilot industrial waterpowered unit that was finally closed in 1967, and nowadays is operated as a showroom and a museum.

After about 60 years of banning the industrial hemp plant in Greece, in 2013 with the 4139 law on addictive substances, hemp leaves the list of narcotic drugs which equalizes it  to heroin and in 2016 it was signed by the Ministry of Health and Finance, the law that defines the conditions  for the cultivation and processing of industrial cannabis. Thus, in Greece, the raw products resulting from the cultivation of cannabis varieties of the Cannabis Sativa L ,low-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) <0.2%, are now legal and allowed.

Through the exploitation of all the parts of the plant (fibers, branches and leaves, oil and seeds), people have produced  for thousands of years, all those products that were necessary for their everyday living. All parts of the plant produce  a wide range of products such as clothes, bags, shoes, paper, cloth, rope, twine and yarn, food, cosmetics, biofuel, animal feed, essential oils, pharmaceutical products, building materials, biodegradable plastics, furniture and much more.

At the same time, in recent years there has been a great deal of research and medical interest in the benefits of cannabis fiber in the human body and pets because of a substance abundant in the plant called cannabidiol or cbd.

Cbd, is an organic compound and it is one of the at least 85 cannabinoids, found in the Cannabis plant. It is an important plant-cannabinoid that accounts for 40% of the cannabis extract and is used in a wide range of medical applications for humans and pets.

So finally, in our store, you will be able to find a wide variety of hemp and cannabidiol products carefully selected by trust-worthy and reliable companies. Always with regard to responsibility, ethics, ecology, high quality and fair trade,  we try everyday to make our world a little better and make small steps towards a promising tomorrow.

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