We are excited and very happy to present you the new 2021 strains of the legendary Barney's Farm in Amsterdam (Netherlands) that you can find -for now- exclusively at  Sativa Store in Athens, either in our physical store or via eshop with free shipping on 20 euros for all of Greece! We welcome to Athens the new feminised and automatic cannabis seeds that are going to be added to our already huge collection of feminised, automatic and regular (regular) cannabis seeds: Biscotti Mintz (feminised cannabis seeds), Blue Sunset Sherbert (feminised cannabis seeds), M hemp seeds Orange Punch (feminised cannabis seeds) and Skywalker OG Auto (automatic cannabis seeds)!

Just a few words and cannabis spesifications, directly from the manufacturer's own page (Barneys Farm Amsterdam) for these new Dutch cannabis seeds will excite you! The descriptions are exact translations from the company itself and for more information you can see in detail in each product you are interested in!

Biscotti Mintz - Female ,Feminised/ Photoperiod Cannabis Seeds: Biscotti Mintz is a female cannabis seed derived from the intersection of two amazing (in yield, THC, effect, aromas and flavors) strains: Biscottti with 21% THC, which is already a celebrity American cannabis seed famous for its effect and the incredible 80% Indica dominant found in its DNA, combined with the delicious and exclusive phenotype of the American strain Mintz with 25% THC. The results of mixing these 2 strains (Biscotti and Mintz) surprised everyone at Barney's Farm labs in Amsterdam.

Blue Sunset Sherbert - female, feminised / Photoperiod Cannabis seeds: Blue Sunset Sherbert is a super-fast growing indoor / outdoor cannabis seed that grows rapidly and blooms in just 59-63 days while producing 650-700g / m2. Indoors the female Blue Sunset Sherbert cannabis seed reaches a distinctive and low height of only 80cm: the ultimate low in height (dwarf hemp seeds) hemp seed with huge indoor flower production. For outdoor cultivation, the beautiful and exuberant lady Blue Sunset Sherbert, can reach or exceed 2 meters and 1 kg in production.

Mimosa * Orange Punch - Female, Feminised/ Photoperiod cannabis seeds: This cannabis champion seed will surprise you with its final results: large production of sticky and smelly flowers hanging from the side branches, large resin production and thick poppies full of bright orange trichomes. During the laboratory measurements and tests, we found that the cannabis seeds Mimosa * Orange Punch is the ultimate dream for indoor cultivation with a very fast flowering growth in 55-60 days and production at 700g / m2.Outdoors and in ideal conditions, the Mimosa * Orange Punch reaches 1.5-1.8 meters and can exceed 1.5 kg of production of delicious, large and fragrant flowers full of cola. THC was measured in tests and will honestly take you off when it arrives with its 30% THC.

Skywalker OG Auto - Automatic, autoflowering cannabis seeds: The new super autoflowering cannabis strain/ seed Skywalker OG Auto landed in Athens, arrived at Sativa Store and came to stay and beautify your days (and your nights) with its fantastic features, intense flavors Skywalker OG Auto is an easy to grow, low in height, automatic hemp seed that will literally take you off! This new Skywalker OG Auto cannabis variety comes straight from Barney's Farm in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and is genetically derived from the incredible American strain "Skywalker OG" with 23% THC in a cross with a BF Super Auto # 1.Skywalker OG Auto is an ideal crop, easy for beginners and low in height while it fits comfortably in the dwarf hemp seeds category, since the maximum height it will reach is 120 cm outdoors. Indoors the plant is very low and reaches a height of 80-90 cm.

Information Message: All seeds are sold exclusively for collecting purposes, for the rescue of the species and souvenirs. The description is for informational and educational purposes only. We do not encourage or encourage the growth of cannabis seeds and we will refuse to sell them to anyone who makes us believe that the souvenir will use them for any purpose other than collection. Sale exclusively to adults over 18 years of age. According to Greek law, the cultivation of hemp seeds is prohibited and punished.