Meet the unique company HEMPALAYA, which is exclusively located at SATIVA STORE and offers eco-friendly, vegan accessories & bags made from Himalayan wild yarn.

Unique products for unique people.

How did it all start? What is HEMPALAYA?

Austrian company HEMPALAYA, begins its story of sustainable fashion, from Vienna , Austria. Two young people, Desiree and Jan, with a vision and great love for plant based, recycled and ecological materials began their journey for the inaccessible and remote areas of western Nepal, in the Himalayas ...

The big change to sustainable fashion.

Determined to change the future of fashion and put their talents on creating a greener planet, the two new founders of HEMPALAYA have chosen to visit the inaccessible areas of Nepal themselves to see the real working conditions of people and working with small family businesses that mainly employ women and disadvantaged people.

No factories, no lies, only hemp & cannabis.

Their goal was to design and create original handmade accessories and backpacks from the wild Himalayan hemp textile, without exploiting the locals and using workers in manufacturing or poor quality raw materials.

Through their research and conversations with Nepalese residents and local organizations, they have come to realize that a huge capitalist trade has been set up behind the textile hemp and the so-called "handmade" hemp products.

What is the truth behind hemp bag factories ...

The founders of HEMPALAYA have discovered that large companies and investors from Europe are setting up "fabric" -bags and accessories factories that call them "cannabis" while actually using a completely different construction material, known as linen or flax.

Linen or flax has many similarities to hemp/cannabis and it is very difficult to detect the difference with the naked eye .. Linen is much cheaper as a material, much easier to manage than hemp and of course grown legally throughout the country (unlike fiber hemp which is still illegal to grow ...)

At the same time, the people who produce these linen backpacks work in factories, endless hours earning degrading wages and in very poor working conditions. Most people in Nepal live on about $ 2 a day and have an average annual income of less than $ 200.

For this reason, most backpacks claiming to come from Nepalese hemp fabric is most of the times a lie and so there is a deceive in stores, suppliers and ultimately consumers.

Industrial cultivation of fiber cannabis , known as hemp,is still illegal in Nepal. That is why people only use wild plants that grow naturally in rural and mountainous areas. The slow, complex and exhausting process for hemp fiber extraction is done completely manually.

Of course, this is why real cannabis products are so much harder to produce and more expensive to sell ...

The kind-hearted people of Nepal ..

Despite the harsh discovery of hemp products from Nepal, the 2 founders of HEMPALAYA only met good-hearted and kind people who, while forced to struggle daily with the adverse conditions surrounding them at all levels: weather, lack of access to work in health and education units, exploited by high interests and salaries far below satisfactory ... continue to smile and hope for a better future.

HEMPALAYA seized the opportunity and worked with small families who came in contact and spent quality time with them! Together, they design and implement all of HEMPALAYA's projects at a low sustainable and ecological level with a minimum of zero negative footprint on our planet and the environment ...

The production of HEMPALAYA is fully in line with the needs and capabilities of its partners and this has resulted in the creation of sophisticated exclusive collections with few and unique pieces for unique people ..

At the same time, our bags and accessories are 100% vegan, fair-trade and eco-friendly. No chemical paint is used and all materials are recyclable and biodegradable.

The business-green decision of HEMPALAYA ...

At the same time, HEMPALAYA offers 10% of its sales to the non-profit organization CHAY-YA AYSTRIA, which specializes in helping people in disadvantaged areas of the world living in disadvantaged conditions.

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